Website Design

Every website begins with the client’s vision. Sometimes the client is not certain of the vision, and this is OK. We walk our clients through a design process which includes determining what the business needs are, discovering the overall feel of the website and creating the lasting impression you want to make on potential clients.

Graphic Design

A custom web design is not limited to the website. We can also create logos, graphics, andsocial media pages to match the feel and look of the web site. We believe in complete marketing packages to ensure your success online and offline. Websites are not isolated to “the web”- they are a part of everyday business, more so every day!


Search Engine Optimization will put your company on the search engine pages of Google, Bing and MSN. When clients doubt the power of SEO, we simply ask them “how did you find us?” Search Engine Optimization services includes: Website analysis and consultation, keyword and phrase research, script rewrites and hand submission to search engines and directories.


Online shoppers are more likely to order if they feel that they are ordering from a professional, established business. In many instances, your web page design is the first impression a potential customer has of your company. A professional eCommerce site that projects a trustworthy appearance is crucial to converting potential clients to happy customers.


Looking for Something New? The world moves quickly these days, including web technology. Don’t lag behind! Twenty Second Designs is pleased to offer website redesign and makeover services to help take your existing web site to the next level. We’ll consult with you to find out which areas of your web site are in need of improvement, and work with you to make it better than ever.

Content Writing

Words sell, but which words? Content is key on the internet and without good copy, you will get passed by. Website content is crucial for visitor satisfaction. Content writing includes: Developing text information, links to additional information in the website and to the internet, search-engine friendly copy, persuasive writing and informative content.

Social Media

Here are some stats…53% of Americans use social media, following a business on social media has increased over 100%  and 27% of Facebook’s users check their account 5 or more times DAILY. Should you have a Twitter account? Should you write a blog? Should you create a Facebook page? The unequivocal answer is YES and we are here to help!


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